If you have been itching for some great new products but just don't have the money to go out and replenish your makeup drawer or your perfume cabinet, never mind your fancy pen collection, you need to look into product testing. Product testing UK gives you the chance to be a product tester - testing all kinds of great new products, absolutely free. Companies like product testers UK because they provide honest feedback and suggestions on products. These suggestions allow the companies to make updates and tweaks to make sure that each of the products that they have out on the market are of the best possible quality. And you can be a part of the process!


Product Testing

Becoming a product tester is easy even though it may sound daunting to get in touch with companies and tell them that you have some ideas to share. On the contrary - you are not doing the chasing up of these companies - they come after you! All you have to do to become a product tester is sign up online. You do some online searching, find out what companies are looking for product testers, and sign up! Once you have registered you will be sent products from categories that you select. Then you use the cleaning product or spray the air freshener, and you tell the company what you think. Find that cleaning product leaves streaks but makes it so you don't have to clean the oven again for two weeks? Tell the company that. Think that the air freshener is the best thing ever, but aren't a fan of the particular shade of green they used on the label? Tell the company. Then you keep the product. That's it.


What Products Can You Test?


You can truly test as many product types are there are out there in the world. The array of items you can test is tremendous. Everything you can think of, you can choose to be a product tester of. So why not sign up today and see what kinds of great products you can test out for free, and keep for free? Makeup, perfume, snack foods, the possibilities truly are endless. 

Have you ever wanted to get something for free? Are you jealous of those people who are able to get things sent to them all of the time while still making money? You can be one of these people. It is always nice to get free things, especially when you are able to make some money through the process on the side. Here are some of the ways that you will be able to test sample products at home to make some extra money.

Visit Websites

You should go to some of your favorite websites as well as some others such as shop4freebies.com. This kind of site will be able to show you the companies who are offering free samples or trials. The things that are available will depend on what companies are offering things at the time and what you are looking for. You will be able to go to these sites and then click a link on any product that you are looking to try. You will then be able to get the free samples that you are looking for.

Customer Service

If there is a particular product that you are interested in trying out through a certain company, you should give their customer service a call. This information is usually going to be found somewhere on their website or you can find it on the actual product if you already have that. Call and see if they are willing to offer samples for this product. There are many companies which will give you some free samples as a way to promote their company or else they will be able to point you in the right direction.

Visit local store

There are some local stores that will have some free samples of the products you will like to use. Companies will send these to the store in order to entice customers to give the product a try. Once a customer has tried the product, they might fall in love with it and be willing to use it over and over again. You should check out some of your local stores to see who might be offering a few free samples of the product you are most interested in. This can save you a lot of money and you can have a chance to try out some of the products that you have always wanted to but did not know if they would work or not

In the field of product testing, everyone is eligible as long as you can access the product in question and you have no allergies in regard to the product.


What everyone should know about how to get free samples


Most companies that come up with new products often require product testers UK and they advertise them on television and through their products already in the market for example in the case of mobile phones.

Some of the ways to access these products can be;


l In stores and malls there are always stands for new products and product testers are welcome.

l Through social media and subscription can be of advantage in this case because you will receive the free samples first for product testing.


What everyone should know about product testing UK is most samples are free and those that require payment are usually subsidized.


Killer tips on grabbing free samples UK   

l Subscribe to newsletters of the companies via email

l Frequent Window-shopping can also be of help

l Participating in company questionnaires is also a bonus

l Always be active on their interactive sessions especially in social media

Some companies for marketing purposes have come up with criteria in which they hire people as product testers, in product testers UK. The feedback is always very important to the manufacturer to know what the clients find desirable and what they don’t.


To get hired as a product tester the manufacturers usually advertise this positions on their websites or even in social media. To be a product tester you have to be diverse in the product you are required to test and your criticism of the product should be true. On top of this, you have to be open minded, non-comparative with similar products and not allergic to the products you intend to test or get hired to test.



In the UK there are a number of desirable products that come into the market, most commonly electronics and beauty products, to become a product tester all you have to do is look up the brand and apply. The best part about being a paid product tester is you get to be paid wherever you are. 

Every woman should have a travel hair dryer every time she thinks of going for a journey. One may want to have a hair dryer as they travel but it might be difficult to carry the large hair dryer around. The hair dryer we use at home may be a bit more bulky to carry around. The resolution to this quandary is to purchase a fully functional and compact travel hair dryer. If you get the right type of hair dryer then you will be able to style your hair wherever you are.

Having the perfect hair dryer is as crucial as buying any other tool for drying the hair. It should be able to offer the same services and also offer comfort to the user. It is true that you will be using the dryer for a couple of days, but it should be of the right quality so as not to damage your hair. If you use a product that is inferior even for a few days may cause damage to your hair. Let us examine some of the things you need to look at when buying a hair dryer.

Size and storage

Storage of the hair dryer is highly dependent on its size. If the dryer is for traveling, then you need one that can easily fit into your suitcase without any challenges. For a dryer to be fit to be a travel hair dryer, it needs to be small and compact enough to fit in your travel bag. Look for a travel hair dryer whose handle can be folded to the main body or one that is collapsible. Also, ensure that the dryer is light weight and quiet such that it will not cause any unnecessary disturbance during usage.


Then you should consider the features of the portable hair dryer. Get a travel hair dryer with the same or almost the same things featured in a regular hair dryer. Remember that this is something that you will use for a long time so it should promise you durability. The many manufacturers of hair dryers are coming up with new dryers’ day in day out. They are becoming wiser, and the dryers are produced with the newest technology. The travel hair dryers are made with both the ionic and the ceramic technology. Consider hair dryers with just more than an ON and OFF setting.

The more setting the dryer have allows you to choose how hot or cold you want. The airflow design is becoming one of the best features of a hair dryer. You can also get some travel hair dryers with this feature, and it will work well for you. Irrespective of the type of hair dryer you choose the thing is that it needs to be compact and small in size for easier portability. Ensure that it meets the heat and the power demands of a hair dryer that is meant to keep the hair shinny and healthy. If you get the right travel hair dryer then you will not regret it.